Our Journey

We began our journey towards Mercy Ships service about 20 years ago when we learned about this organization. Dan met the founder, Don Stephens, in Toronto while participating in a gap year program with the Salvation Army and was amazed at what Mercy Ships accomplishes as they serve those in need. Rachel met someone who had served on Mercy Ships and, at that time, was looking into doing missions in a medical or other capacity. Life moved along with marriage and kids and the possibility of serving with Mercy Ships in the back of our minds. 

Fast forward to 2022, when Mercy Ships jumped into closer view on Dan’s LinkedIn profile. We applied shortly after that as we felt God’s prompting. With much prayer and consideration, we felt it was what we should do. Our waiting was finally reassured when we got the news that the IT Manager position aboard the Africa Mercy would be needed in mid-2024. With God’s provision and timing, we plan to board the Africa Mercy in late July with Dan as the IT Manager and Rachel as the Primary Caregiver to our three children.

Look around our website to learn more about how we’re serving aboard the Africa Mercy, stay connected with regular updates, read our blog, and support us financially.

Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity as we begin a new chapter aboard a hospital ship in Africa!