About our roles

Dan’s role

IT Manager

About This Role

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for the relationship between staff at a Mercy Ships operating location and the wider Information Technology department. This role is responsible for directing, planning and managing the delivery of an Information Technology (IT) help desk and the provision computer workstations at the location.

Rachel’s role

Primary Care Giver

About This Role

To ensure children’s safety onboard, we ask that one of the parents in the family unit takes on, as their main responsibility, the task of taking care of/looking after the children when they are not in school. Depending on the age(s) of the child(ren), the Primary Care Giver can work part-time in a department on board.

Dara, Ivan and Callahan

Our children will be attending Mercy Ships Academy directly on board the Africa Mercy. To learn more about the Academy, see here : Mercy Ships Academy Website